“I believe even the simplest stories can benefit from being expressed in a 

beautiful and cinematic way”.





After thirty years as a TV producer and latterly a director, working on a diverse range of high end projects across advertising, documentaries, numerous music videos, the occasional feature film and even art projects  - the truth is I still love the magic of turning a script idea into a piece of film.


The Sum of All Parts


My experience and creativity allow me to think laterally in order to breathe life into seemingly impossible projects, but I would be nothing without the relationships I have nurtured with some of the best crews and suppliers worldwide over the last thirty years. This means you can be sure that the best possible talent will be assigned to any given project. 


My Work Ethic 


I work closely with my clients and crew to establish trust through transparency and honesty.  From concept, on set and all the way through to play out, I aim to deliver the highest production values all the way.  Whatever the agreed brief or budget you can be assured you will receive outstanding results.




Whether I work with celebrities or ‘unknown’ individuals, my filming experience has paved the way for me to hone a strong talent in encouraging real people to feel natural in front of the camera, or to feel comfortable in telling their stories openly on film. 


My Clients

I am proud to have worked with a multitude of companies and bluechip clients.  Recent and past advertising clients include GymShark, TM Lewin, Daily Mail, Barbour, Oxfam, Rosemount, Visit London, Hope for Depression, Bank of Scotland, GHD, Global Angels, Danone, BMW,  Lloyds Bank, Audi and Maria Marshall to name a few. 


My debut short film Distracting Evelyn has just won Best Comedy at the Paris International Film Festival and Best Romance at the New York International Film Festival. I have been involved in numerous TV campaigns that have won a range of acclaimed advertising awards and the documentary "Nefertiti Resurrected" was nominated for an EMMY.




Distracting Evelyn (2021)

My debut short film, filmed in lockdown and set against the backdrop of a global pandemic.


This light-hearted film looks at how living in isolation can put long term relationships to the test. It has recently started the festival circuit and won Best Comedy at the Paris International Film Festival and Best Romance at the New York International Film Festival. It is also shortlisted at the Tyrone International Film Festival and the Lit Laughs International Film Festival.

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Worldwide Production Partners


United Kingdom: Castelli & Co 

Castelli & Co was founded by my brother Laurie Castelli and myself.  It is a creative agency and production company dedicated to creating outstanding film and photographic material.



Europe: Kanzaman


Based in Paris and Nice, Kanzaman is a Europe-wide production company founded by Frederic Bovis, an accomplished producer of movies, programmes and high-end TV commercials.



North America: Working Pictures 


New-York based Working Pictures is a highly acclaimed feature film, documentary and TV commercial production company founded by Bobby and Sara Sheehan.

Russ Shaw: Senior Visual Effects Artist


With almost 30 years of experience in visual effects and a strong engineering background, Russ is somewhat of a technical pioneer in the art of media production.


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